Kill me

Melanie Cockcroft

210 páginas
ISBN/13: 9788416849116
Tamaño: 150 X 210 mm
Año de Publicación: 2016

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The story is about a young woman whose past has been very dark and shrouded in mystery. Consequently, she is left with deep emotional and physical scars. However, she attempts to cover them up to avoid them from affecting her daily life so she tries to overcome them progressively. After the torturous days spent at the Academy, a few years have passed and she is ready to trust in human relationships once more. Resulting in the making of a solid friendship with Kate and Gregory, who deeply emphasize what she has been through and help her in those weakest moments. Last but not least are her two bosses, Robert Pierce and Jace Pierce, who, due to their personalities, view her distinctly based on the knowledge they have of her. All this creates a scenario that gives her tension and flailing emotions, but one must not forget that the past cannot be erased without a trace.

Melanie Cockcroft

Melanie Cockcroft Diaz was born in Cali, Colombia but has a British nationality. Ever since she was little, she had a passion for traveling and discovering new things about the world around her. At first, she did not enjoy reading and writing since she preferred to gain experience first-hand, however, as many years went by she came to love it. She entered in the school writing competitions and had positive criticism on the depth and diversity of her writing styles despite having dyslexia. Her fluency in English and Spanish, along with her knowledge of other languages and cultures, give her characters a complex thought pattern that seems straight at first glance. As the first book she has ever published, she was unable to contract a professional model for the book and decided to portrait herself instead.

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